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It's on! There is no running! There is no hiding! And there is no suspension! Adam Payne had to drop major news at Destined for Greatness, when he revealed ACE Management suspended Anthony Ramirez after assaulting an official a month prior!
But now after serving his suspension, and finally paying off his fine, Ramirez and Payne will get it on. Not to mention the ACE Roster will be lumberjacks!
May it be Ramirezs antics or Paynes war path, there is no where to hide because if these men leave the ring, the ACE Roster will give them a hand in going back in.
Be there for the Reckoning of one of ACE's most heated rivalries, Saturday April 8th!

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Payne vs FNB in a Lumberjack Match!
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Gangone uses his rematch clause against Archadia

Archadia has made history! Your new Diamond Division Champion is the "William H. Macy of Independent Wrestling".

Archadia caught an unexpected victory, after being dissected by former champion Anthony Gangone.

Gangone pulled apart Archadia until out of nowhere, Archadia caught the pinfall to become champion.

Now it is Gangone who is wasting no time & is looking to use his rematch clause.
"The Rogue" is looking to get back his property at Reckoning come April 8th ! Witness the 2nd encounter for these two gifted grapplers at the Morgan Jr Arena(67 Hathaway Street, Wallington, New Jersey).

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Women's Wrestling Action Returns to ACE

Jayel Coto makes her return to ACE. Mean Streak included! The female competitor who gave Willow Nightingale a run for her money at Destined for Greatness steps back into an ACE ring.

However this time she takes on the mysterious Nadi. Nadi is the newest face of the New York independent scene but, is making her ACE debut come Reckoning.

While we know that Ms. Cotto has an evil side, the unknown of her opponent is something she has to keep in her mind. Witness these two ladies link up for the first time at ACE Reckoning!

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Dijak vs Maff for Championship Belt!

First. Time. Ever. The newest trend at ACE continues. Danny Maff has taken any & all comers in his 3rd ACE Heavyweight Title Reign.

After vanquishing Kyle the Beast in his last hard hitting, close call of a battle. Danny Maff will now defend against,

"The American Destroyer" Donovan Dijak! Dijak a star of Ring of Honor is no stranger to ACE either.

Last time the tower of a man was in the Morgan Jr Arena, he stole the show in a classic Tag Team Match.

Now he looks to become the ACE Heavyweight Champion! While Maff does continue to deliver amazing matches, the American Destroyer is coming for keeps this time.

Be there for another first time ever encounter at ACE Reckoning!

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3 Way for Fight for Flight

3 competitors, one ring, all sights for the ACE Fight for Flight Championship. Sebastian Cage is red hot in American Championship Entertainment right now.

He's the fan favorite of the division and is coming off a big win from Destined for Greatness. However right behind him is Mike Donovan! One half of this years winners for the Mike Morgan JR Memorial Cup.

Donovan was one of the standard bearers, for 5 stars matches in 2016 and his continuing that wave into 2017. Though these 2 competitors face the unknown in another face debuting, at Reckoning in Kid Christian! Kid Christian has been making waves on the New York scene.

While it's his first time in an ACE ring, he is someone that neither cage or Donovan should underestimate. Witness a fast paced, unpredictable, human demolition derby in the Fight for Flight stars.

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Crowbar vs Bokara !

So ACE Nation... You were wondering if this show could get any better and the answer is: Yes! Mario Bokara will make his return to ACE, for the first time since CrossRoads.

However he faces yet another returning competitor, Crowbar. Last time the "Croation Sensation" was in the Morgan JR Arena, he was almost World Champion.

Where as Crowbar was also within grasps of the same title, however his path was eventually to the Fight for Flight title. So now these two top tier stars do singles battle at ACE Reckoning!

What are you waiting for? Get your tickets now!!!

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Astro Morales vs Vince Steele

The hits keep on coming! And these are some heavy hitters! After the controversial business deal between Mustafa & Marcus Aviles,

Vince Steele swindled Aviles for his money to benefit his representation Mr. Mustafa! This called for Astro Morales to save his former mentor, as he was being destroyed by the Jurassic Juggernaut.

However even the PuertoRican Powerhouse wasn't able to stop Steele, as he was bulldozed at ringside. We now relive one of ACE's classic rivalries on April 8th.

What will happen when Morales officially gets his hands on Vince Steele?!

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Anthony FNB Ramirez, just recently waged war with Adam Payne in a grueling Lumberjack match.

While Ramirez didn't get the victory over ACE's resident bully buster, he took the frustrations of his loss out on one of his lumberjacks.

Following the battle, Ramirez ambushed the Black Diamond from behind. If that wasn't bad enough, he viciously assaulted him in the parking lot!

The Black Diamond has issued the challenge, and it has been accepted. Be there for the Aftermath of these 2 competitors, on May 13th!

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American Championship Entertainment, invites you to take part in a special opportunity.

Take part in a wrestling seminar with Impact Wrestling star, the "Croation Sensation" Mario Bokara.

Open to trainees and skilled wrestlers, this experience will cover multiple facets of pro-wrestling. Mario is a traveled competitor.

Be it his tremendous experience on the independents across the country, or teaming with his partner Fahla Ba on Impact Wrestling.

There is a tremendous amount of wrestling knowledge, available to you via this Impact Star. Sign up is first come, first serve.

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