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E.C. Negro has had quite the interesting career in American Championship Entertainment. One of the most decorated tag team wrestlers in independent wrestling history, Negro has never truly found himself as a singles competitor inside this company. He won the ACE Tag Team championships in 2010 with K.C. Blade as the Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, but has never had any solid direction on his own. 

That was until the self-proclaimed “King of New York” visited Anarchy on August 6, 2016. 

Mike Donovan has reinvented himself as the Brooklyn Outlaw. Proud of his Brooklyn roots, the man from the South Side of Brooklyn is New  York through and through. However, when the “King” made his way inside the Morgan Jr. Arena during Donovan’s match with Izzy Reyes, he knew he had his path to greatness. Click Here For More...


With the demise of Hollywood Enterprise on August 6, 2016 at Anarchy, it truly was an end of an era.

Mike Lewis’ ACE career came to a screeching and dramatic end, as he was DDT’d on two chairs, a stop sign, and Lego’s by the “Devil’s Outlaw” Stockade to take the final fall inside the Final Survival. With his career coming to an end as an agent inside American Championship Entertainment, it also spells the end of everything Hollywood as well.

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The Hottest Place This Summer Is The Morgan Jr. Arena

The hottest place to be this summer won't be the beach or by the BBQ, it will be in Wallington, New Jersey and the Morgan Jr. Arena as American Championship Entertainment turns up the heat. To kick off the last "unofficial weekend of summer," ACE presents Collision Course on Saturday September 3rd. Tickets are available for purchase now by clicking on the "Add To Cart" button below each banner above.

ACE Collision Course, September 3, 2016

In the middle of his second reign as ACE Heavyweight champion, TJ Marconi believes that the “Change” he has instituted in ACE is near completion. However, there is one person that is still in his way: ACE legend ARCHADIA! Archadia has completely rededicated himself to the craft of professional wrestling over 2016 and is truly at the top of his game. On September 3 inside the Morgan Jr. Arena, “the Boot Party” in on a path to a Collision Course with “the Dropkick Party”! Can Archadia fight the power and nail “Holy Death” to become ACE Heavyweight champion? Or will TJ Marconi’s self-imposed crusade for “Change” finally come to a conclusion at Collision Course in Wallington?

At Anarchy on August 6, Ricky Reyes and Anthony Gangone had a downright classic for the Diamond Division championship. However, the ultra-talented Gangone took the eye off the prize for a few moments too long and “the Cuban Crippler” rolled up “the Rogue” to retain the Platinum. At Collision Course, ACE management has decided to institute a rematch between both competitors. Although Gangone is pound-for-pound the best technical wrestler in ACE, Reyes’ strong style has provided a perfect stalemate to “the Rogue’s” methodical pace. Can Gangone settle down and wise up enough to overcome “the Cuban Crippler” in this Diamond Division rematch? Or will the Lucha Underground superstar retain his championship and hold his supremacy as the King of the Diamond Division on September 3?


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A Monster Has Awoken

By Sam Rockwell

At the past event for American Championship Entertainment, the title couldn't be anymore perfect as we witnessed Anarchy! From the start of the show, The New Age Wrecking Crew seemed to NOT be all united.... Could it possibly have anything to do with events that took place at the last American Championship Entertainment show? When "The Remix of Pro Wrestling" Vince Steel was trying to regain his Diamond Division championship from current champ Astro Morales? Well everything seemed to be all well in hand until Chris Raze and Thorson Creed interfered in the match in plain sight and caused the disqualification. Thus leading Vince Steel to lose the match!

Fast forward to Anarchy, the members of the New Age Wrecking Crew came to the ring and you could feel the tension in the air... The leader of the crew Stockade voiced his displeasure with Vince and his actions from the last event, Vince voiced his frustration, and then 1/2 owner Mike Morgan Jr. announced the match... Thorson Creed and Stockade would face off against Steel in a handicap match! Clearly Vince was being punished and with the cards stacked against him, he got ready for his match. Then the other 1/2 owner Mike Morgan Sr. came out and made a startling announcement..... The NAWC would not just face Vince Steel but him and The ACE Heavyweight Champion, THE MIDNIGHT RYDER!!!

In what was a very hard hitting and brutal match. The Midnight Ryder and Vince Steel came out on top! Now that Vince Steel is no longer a part of the New Age Wrecking Crew, what does that hold for his future? What are his plans going into Collision Course? Is he a changed man? Better yet the question that needs to be asked: What does it mean for the title now, when a monster has awoken and has his eyes set on Stockade? 

The Reserection of the Boss

For eight months Mike Morgan Junior has will be a summation with an iron fist. Using the New Age Wrecking Crew (Stockade, Vince Steele, Chris Raze, and Thorson Creed) to do his bidding and fight for his "dream." Yet at this past event, Respect Matters, fitting to be in Union City New Jersey. The original mastermind, the creator, and now 50% owner Mike Morgan Sr has returned! Showing up in the main event, and blasting Stockade with a chair. But that wasn't enough, as he took the mic and slammed his son for abuse of power and taking the company away from what it was to what it is now. Things will change, but this only leads to more questions: what is the first thing Mike Morgan Sr will do? How will Jr and the New Age Wrecking Crew respond? What's in store face? You have to be sure to come check out ACE presents Mercury Rising possibly for all the answers to the questions and more 


Inside Report: A shift of power

By Sam Rockwell

Things have most definitely changed around the ACE nation for the past couple of months! For starters no longer is Mike Morgan Sr. in charge but his son; Mike Morgan Jr. has taken the reigns and that’s only tipping the iceberg! Mike Morgan has been in charge of ACE for over 10 years, building the company from the ground up… Putting on countless events, working in numerous buildings, signing HUGE names, Mike has done it all! So at Crossroads IX, ACE’s Pinnacle event, Mike Morgan decided it was time to step away from the business and hand ACE over to his son! Since then the whole landscape in ACE has been altered! [Show More]



American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD, and our showcase event, Crossroads IX, featuring the return of the Chance Of A Lifetime Rumble, a New York City Street Fight that tore the building down between Vince Steele & FNB, a best 2 out of 3 falls for the ACE Diamond Division Championship between the champion Dan Murdoch & Dickie Rodz, the crowning of the first ever ACE Fight For Flight Champion, and a Bull Rope Match for the ACE Heavyweight Championship pitting the champion WIlliam Wyeth and the challenger Stockade. To order this DVD, click the "Add To Cart" button below.

Collision Course Available NOW!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD, Collision Course, featuring Andrew "Tiny" Johnson trying to regain his ACE Diamond Division Championship by going one-on-one with Dan Murdoch, the final match in the long and storied career of JL Chico as he faces his most famous student Danny Maff, and William Wyeth defends the ACE Heavyweight Championship against The Remix Of Pro Wrestling Vince Steele. To order this DVD, click the "Add To Cart" button below.

Aftermath Available NOW!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD, Day Of Reckoning, including, Dan Murdoch taking on Dickie Rodz for the ACE Diamond Division Championship, in a triple threat match for the ACE Tag Team Championships The New Age Wrecking Crew defend the belts against The Movement and The Middle East Connection, and in the main event, The New Age Wrecking Crew team up to take on JL Rivera & the ACE Heavyweight Champion William Wyeth. To order this DVD, click the "Add To Cart" button below.

Day Of Reckoning Available NOW!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD, Day Of Reckoning, including, the return of Jay Lethal, Dickie Rodz defending the ACE Diamond Division Championship against the returning Azrieal, the return of Alicia teaming with The Movement to take on The New Age Wrecking Crew & Nikki Adams, and the return match for the ACE Heavyweight Championship, as the new champion William Wyeth defends the ACE title against the former champ, "The Devil's Outlaw" Stockade. To order this DVD, click the "Add To Cart" button below.

Worlds Collide Available NOW on DVD!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD (and the last show of 2012), Worlds Collide, including, The Movement defending the ACE Tag Team Championships against The New Age Wrecking Crew, Andrew "Tiny" Johnson defending the ACE Diamond Division Championship in a Fatal Four-Way against Mo Sexton, Dickie Rodz, & Hollywood Joe Hardway, and the war between The ACES & The New Age Wrecking Crew goes to a whole new level as William Wyeth challenges Stockade for his ACE Heavyweight Championship. To order this DVD, click the "Buy Now" button below.

Halloween Chaos & Crossroads 8 Now on DVD!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to announce the release of our latest DVD's, Halloween Chaos, featuring the continuing war between The ACES & The New Age Wrecking Crew, highlighted by Stockade defending the ACE Heavyweight Championship against Dickie Rodz, and the 8th Annual Crossroads, featuring the "Dream Partner" tag team main event (including Jay Lethal and Mikey Whipwreck). To purchase any of these DVD's, click on the respective "Add to Cart" buttons below.

Miss April On DVD!!!

Before she was in the final 3 of Season 3 of the search for the next "breakout star"...before she became a Diva...and before she became the General Manager on Monday night's...she WAS Miss April. Beginning her training at ACE and making her debut in American Championship Entertainment (under the training of Jay Lethal), this DVD shows the beginning of April in the ring. To order your copy of "The Beginning Of Miss April" now on DVD, click the "Buy Now" button below.

Jon Harder Picks The Poison

With the Pick Your Poison match series rolling into ACE Anarchy on August 18 in Wallington, NJ, there has already been one match signed, with ACE Heavyweight champion Stockade facing off against Dan Maff’s handpicked opponent, two-time former ACE Heavyweight champion and former ACE Commissioner Mo Sexton. However, when Stockade had the opportunity to pick the competition for “the ACE of Spades”, the ACE Nation was on the edge of anticipation waiting for the choice...

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Order your newest ACE DVDs NOW!!!

American Championship Entertainment is proud to offer it's three latest DVDs, Fallout, Aftermath, and Mercury Rising. To order, click the "Buy Now" banners below.



Mercury Rising



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