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Sebastian Cage is still your Fight for Flight champion! While his first defense was not easy, the "Lit" sensation saw an opportunity to hit his stunning Phoenix Splash to secure his title.

Now we look to the aftermath of his first defense! While Cage's stock is rising, his second defense is at Mercury Rising.

This time against 2 familiar faces, & one brand new one! Mike Donovan, a man who set the division on fire last year is still close to the title.

Donovan has come heartbeats away from being champion, is Cage's reign one Knee away from being knocked out? Evander James joins the fray once again on June 3rd.

Evander has kept his stance firm, and its towards whoever has that Fight for Flight title. A fellow rookie with Cage, means he's the wild card in this next bout. Your 4th and final competitor will be making his ACE debut.

ACE Nation, get set for Darius Carter! Carter; a mainstay on the NY/NJ independent scene! Never at a loss for words, and always ready to back them up. Be ready for Darius would love to add, the ACE Fight for Flight title to his vocabulary.

Witness what could be, one of the greatest Fight for Flight title matches of all time. Witness Mercury Rising June 3rd!

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Fight for Flight Match !!!
Jason Vara vs Howard Timberche !!!

Jason Vara will be making his debut, at the already action packed Mercury Rising! Vara is well known in the Brooklyn area, and has started treading water in the independents.

Jason's speed, mental prowess and physique have been whats earning him wins. However his opponent is no slouch either. He is certainly no pushover.

His opponent is also not just any man, he is.. an Adonis! The Adonis himself, Howard Timberche is looking to cut a victory from granite, the same material his physique is made of.

Timberche' is looking to fill the arena with his conviction, which some would label as arrogance, these two young upstarts meet at Mercury Rising!

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The Dukes have been riding high accross the south, boasting about their successful Tag Team Title reign.

However now they take on the blue chipper tandem, of Steve Pena and Jorgie Santi. Pena is no stranger to ACE as he's spent most of his time finding his footing.

He feels as if with the quick & explosive, Jorgie Santi at his side that the Tag Team titles are soon within their grasp.

It'll be quite the challenge for both teams. Now the Dukes saddle up for their next challenge, and that will certainly get them ready for the the threat of this upstart tag team.

Can Dukes continue their reign and deliver Southern Discomfort?

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ACE Tag Team Title Match !!!
4 Way Womens Match !!!

We said Womens wrestling was coming back to ACE, and this solidifies that in a big way! A 4 way Womens match is coming to Mercury Rising! Willow Nightingale, a corner stone of this resurgence is looking to bring her energy to the Morgan Jr Arena and to victory.

Jayel Cotto has just started getting her feet wet in ACE, but has made quite the impression with the ACE Nation since. Then we have the devious Nabi! The most treacherous of this female foursome, with meanest streak of them all.

The debuts just keep on coming in ACE, as we add a female debut to Mercury Rising. Vanity makes her first steps inside the ACE ring. Not much is known about Vanity but, something tells us she'll make her name and reputation known after her debut.

Be sure to check out this historic, Female 4 way match at Mercury Rising.

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Payne vs Rikos !!!

Nikos Rikos made his debut last month at ACE Aftermath, and was successful. While this "Greek Gift" is deep in his roots, he's also determined to continue his success.

Rikos is looking to attain a win for Greece & for Taylor Swift. However, he stands before a huge wall of an obstacle to attain said victory.

That wall being, The Wall himself; Adam Payne! Adam Payne is set to take on Nikos Rikos. Payne has bean hitting the gym hard, looking to take on any and all comers.

Will this be the fall of the new Greek Empire? Or will the wall have another brick to lay? Find out at Mercury Rising!

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Beach Bums vs Golden Showers !!!

The weather has certainly been picking up! Not to mention the month of June see's the beginning, of summer weather climbing. Plus beach season begins! Now speaking of which, we've got another debut for you. The Beach Bums!

To break in the beautiful weather, the Beach Bums are gonna bring good vibes and high tides to the Morgan Jr Arena. However when you talk wet and wild weather then you have to talk, about the Vile from the Nile and his trusty apprentice

Ultimo Maya. Not to mention you add their Wet P***y. Black Zemis has joined the Golden Showers and has kept their victories moist, tamed and tight! Now Golden Showers with the help of their Golden P***y, look to make it a sandy day for the Beach Bums when they go at it, at Mercury Rising!

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Brooklyn Outlaw vs Cuban Crippler  !!!

We are already looking ahead ACE Nation! Pending the outcome of the Fight for Flight match at Mercury Rising, we can announce this as the first match for our annual HeatWave event!

Mike Donovan, the "Brooklyn Outlaw" will be taking on the returning Ricky Reyes. "The Cuban Crippler" has been training vigilantly for his ACE return. Reyes is looking to attain victory against Mike Donovan.

Donovan however, has had this chip on his shoulder in 2017. Donovan has made it his business, to be the measuring stick in ACE and now he takes on someone who prides himself on excellence.

Now it's determination VS. precision, Donovan VS Reyes at HeatWave!

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3Way Fight for Flight  !!!

Sebastian Cage, was the centerpiece of all his contenders at Mercury Rising. Clearly his opponents were aware that he has solidified being a legitimate Champion, and his arsenal is just as legitimate.

Cage was able to hit his signature Springboard 450 to retain the title over a Standard Bearer, a Wildcard, and a valiant debut star. A similar situation comes to the "Litt" Superstar and his title on July 1st!

The newest individual to make an impact on the ACE scene, comes in the form of Dickie Moon! The cosmic moon has been making waves across wrestling, and the galaxy and Moon would like nothing more then the Fight for Flight title to achieve full centered creaminess.

On the other hand we have a staple, of almost every division in ACE history; Azriel. Azriel has been a mainstay of any and all, and who can forget his incredible reign as Fight for Flight Champion during the inaugural year of the Morgan Jr Arena.

However, while nothing is to be taken from any of these challengers, lets go back to the champion. This rookie sensation, has taken every stepping stone and lit it on fire. Cage continues to give stellar performances and his passion and will to survive grows. It's anyone's ball game come July 1st at Heatwave, right here at the Morgan Jr Arena!

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The Wall vs The Beast of Brutality  !!!

"The Wall" VS. "The Beast of Brutality"! Stockade returns after a shocking cause of events at Mercury Rising! It was Arrive. DDT. Leave, for the "Devils Outlaw" as he cost The Dukes the Tag Titles.

However, while Stockade was away Adam Payne made his foes pay. He layed waste to the bully Anthony Ramirez, and persevered against Nikos Rikos.

Now the next stop on the Payne Train, is Hell. Its Stockades first match back since February, this July 1st at HeatWave!

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Tag Team Rematch  !!!

History was certainly made at Mercury Rising! While the assist can go to Stockade, it was Jorgie Santi & Steve Pena who knocked the Dukes of their Tag Team Titles.

The hot tag team battled with all their muster till the- then Champions got back the upperhand with their cheating ways. When from out of no where,

Stockade appeared at ringside and dropped Rick Duke, with a DDT on the floor! This allowed the young upstart sensations to get the victory.

While the Morgan Jr arena was filled with cheers for the youngsters, the Dukes souls have been filled with revenge!

The rematch has been demanded and set! HeatWave the Dukes look to add a 2nd ACE Title reign to their mantel of mayhem. Be there July 1st ACE Nation!

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The Jurassic Juggernaut vs The Bayonne Badass  !!!

Vince Steele has laid out the challenge, and Dan Maff being the history making Champion that he is has accepted. It's the "Jurassic Juggernaut" VS. "The Bayonne Baddass"! Vince Steele has run over refs, officials, and lets not forget his long list of injured ACE stars.

This takes us back to Aftermath where Steele completely decimated the 3 time Heavyweight Champion! Steele thought the job was done.... Then again it was only what he thought.

Dan Maff has been cleared to wrestle and cleared to defend his title, against the superheavyweight that is Vince Steele. Dan Maff has been making history, and proving he is the man in the locker room in his 3rd reign.

What kind of shape will Dan Maff be in on his 7th title defense? Rest assured ACE Nation, you must be there at Heatwave July 1st!

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