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Anthony FNB Ramirez, just recently waged war with Adam Payne in a grueling Lumberjack match.

While Ramirez didn't get the victory over ACE's resident bully buster, he took the frustrations of his loss out on one of his lumberjacks.

Following the battle, Ramirez ambushed the Black Diamond from behind. If that wasn't bad enough, he viciously assaulted him in the parking lot!

The Black Diamond has issued the challenge, and it has been accepted. Be there for the Aftermath of these 2 competitors, on May 13th!

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American Championship Entertainment, invites you to take part in a special opportunity.

Take part in a wrestling seminar with Impact Wrestling star, the "Croation Sensation" Mario Bokara.

Open to trainees and skilled wrestlers, this experience will cover multiple facets of pro-wrestling. Mario is a traveled competitor.

Be it his tremendous experience on the independents across the country, or teaming with his partner Fahla Ba on Impact Wrestling.

There is a tremendous amount of wrestling knowledge, available to you via this Impact Star. Sign up is first come, first serve.

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LOOK AT THIS ! ! !  Wrestling Seminar
Maff vs Crowbar !!!

Danny Maff, and the length of his 3rd title reign have been in question since it started in November. Many have said, that they are the ones to vanquish "The Bayonne Badass" of his throne.

However all those who have spoken have fallen. Though through the ashes of Destined for Greatness comes Danny Maffs newest challenger, Crowbar!

Crowbar has surveyed the field this year, practically swept through most of his adversaries & now looks to Maff! Crowbar captured his first ACE Title this year, with the Fight for Flight Gold.

Now he looks to go after the big Prize! Its Crowbar, challenging Danny Maff for the ACE Heavyweight Title at Aftermath! Do not miss it! Be there Saturday May 13th!

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Adam Payne vs Vince Steele

Vince Steele, the Jurassic Juggernaut. Adam Payne, the Wall. 2 colossal forces meet, in the Aftermath! Adam is still feeling the battle bound spoils, of his last war with Anthony Ramirez.

While by the hand of Mr. Mustafa, Steele has been guided to destruction and terror. Now the two strongest forces in ACE, collide May 13th!

Can the Payne-Train keep on rolling? Or will Mustafas managerial mayhem be the factor? Saturday, May 13th is the day to find out!

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3way Fight for Flight Title Match !

Sebastian Cage says his first Fight for Flight title defense will be.... LITT!

Cage captured the vacant title at our last event, while the emotional youngster was overjoyed, with a challenge like this the celebration may be over. Mario Bokara, throws his hat into the FFF Division.

Bokara now a world traveled competitor, making an Impact everywhere he goes. Coming off the heels of a victory last month, Bokara would love to add gold to his momentum.

This photo was brought to you in its highest resolution! Why? Because "2Hot" Steve Scott said it must be! The "Selfie Sensation" returns to ACE after a much stalled photo shoot.

Scott has been blasing a trail via flashbulbs and now wants to add the Fight for Flight title to his next shoot. Its Suplexes and selfies in this Lituation for the Fight for Flight title at Aftermath!

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Sebastian Cage is still your Fight for Flight champion! While his first defense was not easy, the "Lit" sensation saw an opportunity to hit his stunning Phoenix Splash to secure his title.

Now we look to the aftermath of his first defense! While Cage's stock is rising, his second defense is at Mercury Rising.

This time against 2 familiar faces, & one brand new one! Mike Donovan, a man who set the division on fire last year is still close to the title.

Donovan has come heartbeats away from being champion, is Cage's reign one Knee away from being knocked out? Evander James joins the fray once again on June 3rd.

Evander has kept his stance firm, and its towards whoever has that Fight for Flight title. A fellow rookie with Cage, means he's the wild card in this next bout. Your 4th and final competitor will be making his ACE debut.

ACE Nation, get set for Darius Carter! Carter; a mainstay on the NY/NJ independent scene! Never at a loss for words, and always ready to back them up. Be ready for Darius would love to add, the ACE Fight for Flight title to his vocabulary.

Witness what could be, one of the greatest Fight for Flight title matches of all time. Witness Mercury Rising June 3rd!

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Fight for Flight Match !!!
Jason Vara vs Howard Timberche !!!

Jason Vara will be making his debut, at the already action packed Mercury Rising! Vara is well known in the Brooklyn area, and has started treading water in the independents.

Jason's speed, mental prowess and physique have been whats earning him wins. However his opponent is no slouch either. He is certainly no pushover.

His opponent is also not just any man, he is.. an Adonis! The Adonis himself, Howard Timberche is looking to cut a victory from granite, the same material his physique is made of.

Timberche' is looking to fill the arena with his conviction, which some would label as arrogance, these two young upstarts meet at Mercury Rising!

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The Dukes have been riding high accross the south, boasting about their successful Tag Team Title reign.

However now they take on the blue chipper tandem, of Steve Pena and Jorgie Santi. Pena is no stranger to ACE as he's spent most of his time finding his footing.

He feels as if with the quick & explosive, Jorgie Santi at his side that the Tag Team titles are soon within their grasp.

It'll be quite the challenge for both teams. Now the Dukes saddle up for their next challenge, and that will certainly get them ready for the the threat of this upstart tag team.

Can Dukes continue their reign and deliver Southern Discomfort?

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ACE Tag Team Title Match !!!
4 Way Womens Match !!!

We said Womens wrestling was coming back to ACE, and this solidifies that in a big way! A 4 way Womens match is coming to Mercury Rising! Willow Nightingale, a corner stone of this resurgence is looking to bring her energy to the Morgan Jr Arena and to victory.

Jayel Cotto has just started getting her feet wet in ACE, but has made quite the impression with the ACE Nation since. Then we have the devious Nabi! The most treacherous of this female foursome, with meanest streak of them all.

The debuts just keep on coming in ACE, as we add a female debut to Mercury Rising. Vanity makes her first steps inside the ACE ring. Not much is known about Vanity but, something tells us she'll make her name and reputation known after her debut.

Be sure to check out this historic, Female 4 way match at Mercury Rising.

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